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Be Your Boss! is an Erasmus+ KA2 Exchange of Good Practices project carried out by 6 countries: Italy, Spain, Poland, Bulgaria, Cyprus, Netherlands. ID Project: 2019-1-IT02-KA204-063389.
It supports young graduates in Human Sciences in the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills.

The European Commission’s support for the production of this publication does not constitute an endorsement of the contents, which reflect the views only of the authors, and the Commission cannot be held responsible for any use which may be made of the information contained therein.

The problem faced by EC 4 ED is the difficulty of young graduates in humanities to find a job and the poor predisposition to create an entrepreneurial activity.

The target group tends to stay out of the labor market and cannot walk the entrepreneurial road for:
– lack of scientific-economic and IT skills;
– lack of entrepreneurial skills;
– distance from the world of entrepreneurship from that of education and training;
– lack of support from trade associations;
– absence of a specific national strategy on entrepreneurship education.
In the absence of coordination and formal recognition, as well as dedicated funds, the initiatives are often entrusted to the will of the individual schools. The role of an innovative school manager and motivated teachers therefore becomes essential. Teachers are not always available to introduce entrepreneurship projects and, in the absence of adequate awareness and information, often exchange these projects with initiatives related to technical and management disciplines. Doing business is considered a course / project that ends with a vote or a result, rather than acquiring a new way of thinking or a key competence.

The specific objective is to provide support to young graduates (23-35 years) in humanities in the acquisition of entrepreneurial skills useful to encourage the creation of new businesses.

1) Identification and administration of 6 questionnaires (by country) aimed at the target group. The project team will develop a questionnaire to be submitted to a sample of humanities graduates in order to draw a picture as much as possible of the group’s situation, needs and perceptions.

2) Identification and administration of 6 questionnaires addressed to experts (representatives of trade associations, entrepreneurs, trainers and policy makers) responsible for adult professional training on analysis of incentive opportunities and contributions for entrepreneurship for graduates in humanities, on analysis of professional training opportunities on entrepreneurial skills in favor of the target, on the propensity of the entrepreneurial world to approach the world of training.

3) Organization and coordination of 6 Focus Groups (by country) for discussion on the issues addressed in the project. This tool is used to support data collection and is based on information emerging from the group discussion on project issues (entrepreneurial skills, job inclusion, self-entrepreneurship). The discussion group is a particularly effective tool:
– to analyze the needs of a specific context,
– to activate participatory processes,
– to facilitate learning processes,
– to evaluate the impact of a project.
– allows those who must make decisions to better understand the needs of the interviewed subjects and therefore to calibrate their intervention policies or, to those who must make proposals improving with respect to a particular type of problem, to make choices more attentive to needs and congruent with the representations of the subjects.
The 6 focus groups involve 10 participants per country, the duration of each focus group is 1h and a half in the presence of a moderator.
The group is composed in a mixture of experts and members of the target group.

4) Realization of nr.6 transnational meetings.

5) Sensitization action on social networks: “BE YOUR BOSS!”. Campaign to encourage startups for graduates in humanities. The posts to be published on the Facebook, Instagram and LikedIn pages of the project will be coordinated using the hashtag #beyourboss, spreading some of the data and results collected in the analysis actions. A photo contest on Instagram will be set up, asking participants to publish a photo of those with humanistic skills who want to start a business describing job wishes and expectations. The winner of the contest will have the opportunity to receive personalized advice and will receive from the project team a card with the entrepreneurial skills necessary for the chosen path.

6) BE YOUR BOSS! event presentation of book Cultural Factory – Training and Entrepreneurship (collection of good practices).



SMARTEAM Società Cooperativa is a consultancy firm that provides young people, professionals, entrepreneurs and representatives of bodies and associations, innovative consultancy, design and training services in the areas of European project management, training, research, development and marketing to respond to market challenges global with CREATIVITY, INNOVATION and COMPETITION.


The municipality of Peyia is a local public body in the Paphos district, established in 1994.
The main economic sector is tourism.
The municipality is committed to the promotion of lifelong learning and mobility with the following objectives:
– improve the quality and effectiveness of adult education and training
– promote equity, social cohesion and active citizenship through adult education
– improve creativity and innovation for adults and their educational environment
– improve the knowledge base on adult education and its monitoring


The University of Letters and Economics of Lodz (AHE) is an accredited higher education institution, which in addition to traditional university programs also offers postgraduate studies and courses for various target groups including researchers, young people, students, the disabled, the elderly, teachers , trainers, professionals, migrants, children, disadvantaged young people, the unemployed.
AHE has developed a unique model of education: the technology of creativity.


The general objective of STICHTING REFLEXION is to promote adequate professional qualification through education, foster lifelong learning, entrepreneurship and employment for all. The object of study of the center is educational research aimed at training for entrepreneurship, to combat school dropout (ESL) and the promotion of Natural Learning.
Research and development focus on support and coaching activities for people with disabilities, long-term unemployed, immigrants, women who re-enter the labor market, young people leaving school and those at risk of exclusion.


ASPECT – Management and Intercultural Relations is a private training and research organization for adults that aims to develop and promote innovation models and training concepts in the field of human resource development, small businesses (SMEs); vocational education and training, sustainable and strategic development and corporate culture.
The organization has carried out research on the map of opportunities and constraints to affirm the social and solidarity economy in the IVET curricula at national and EU level and to develop a common package of training modules on social entrepreneurship. The finance and social and solidarity modulewas developed and tested in 7 EU countries.


The objectives of I-Box Create are:
– Help companies overcome obstacles to the internationalization process.
– Contribute with added value to the activities of Project Management of Innovation, developing projects focused on improving the company’s business.
– Increase resource capacity through training and mentoring activitie.
IBOX has a deep experience in providing entrepreneurship training activitiesto develop spin-offs or start-ups or work experience with STEM entrepreneurs (science, technology, engineering and mathematics). In the last 5 years he has worked with teachers from the Valencia region to apply new methodologies, based on Gamification, to help in the creation of Start-Up programs.